Before buying any gaming monitor, you should consider the response time, as it is one of the most important factors that can affect your monitor performance. The fact about response time that you should know is, that the lower the response time is, the more fast your monitor will be. But there are more things which I’ll explain.

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1ms vs 4ms Response Time

What is Monitor Response time?

1ms vs 4ms response time is a debate, but first, you should know, what is the response time? How does it impact your monitor performance?

Your display is made up of multiple pixels, the more pixels you have on your screen. It means you will get the best quality images, now you got the idea of pixel. It’s time to dive into response time, Basically, the response time is how long the pixels take to change their color from one to another.

For instant, if your monitor response time is 4ms, it means that the pixels take 4ms to change their color and every gaming monitor has its own response time. So the winning situation would be if the monitors whose response time is less(1ms or 0,5ms).

So, you have to make sure that the response time you get with your monitor should be less than 5ms.

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1ms vs 4ms response time

Obviously, there is a difference between 1ms and 4ms, You will be surprised that 4ms is more popular than 1ms but again 1ms is better as it gives a smooth and fast gaming experience, it is because 1ms is 4 times faster than 4ms.

1ms vs 4ms

The reason for the popularity of 4ms is that it is easily available in the best budget gaming monitors plus it is an old technology, on the other site 1ms is a new technology that is available in best monitors 2022.

In my opinion, both 1ms vs 4ms are great, no doubt because they are the best ones among others. But again, one is new technology (1ms) and the other one is old(4ms).

Identify The Better Response Time

To be honest, 1ms and 4ms have a difference but the fact we as a human cannot identify them, and neither our brain is capable to differentiate.

So, basically, it truly depends on the manufacturer as they know what response time is best for the system. But some of them use 4ms for a monitor just because it is cheap to manufacture. My advice would be that do your own research before buying any gaming monitors.

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Q. Is 4ms vs 1ms noticeable?

Technically no, but while you are playing FPS games then you will know the minor difference that 1ms is better than 4ms. Basically, 1ms is 4 times better and faster than 4ms.

Q. Is 4ms response time good enough for gaming?

Yes, absolutely it’s good for not only newbies but also for the competitive gamer. In fact, 1ms is the best response time you can find in the market.

Q. What’s better, 1ms or 0.5 ms?

Obviously 0.5ms, it will be faster than 1ms (pixels will change their color within 0.5ms). The simple thing is that the less the response time is, the faster and better results you will get. So the point is that go for minimum response time monitors.

Q. What is 4ms response time in Hz?

Basically, 4ms is equal to 250hz. On the hand, let’s say 1ms, it would be 1000hz. For your information, the less the response time is, the more it will be in Hertz.

Q. Is 4ms good for CSGO?

Yes, of course, not only 4ms, but 5ms is also good for CSGO (whether you play professionally or not). Actually, any response time that is less than 5ms is good to go for gaming monitors.


Now I hope you got the idea, that which you should choose between 1ms and 4ms response time. I have covered all the technical parts as well as the most common question for the response time.

Still, if you are confused about anything, just do let me know I’m here to help you and sort out things for you.

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