If you’re planning to get a 144hz gaming monitor, then ASUS VG279Q is best for you. After very long research, I have selected this Model of Asus. It does not mean you will not find other monitors with 144hz in ASUS, but there is a reason why I have chosen this one, Don’t worry you will get to know in this review.


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Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 3ms | Brightness:400 cd/m²

Bright and crystal clear SDR images
Smooth gameplay
IPS Panel
144Hz refresh rate
Budget friendly
Adjustable moonitor stand


Less USB ports
Resolution is low

ASUS VG279Q is one of the best monitors that is dedicated to gaming, especially fast-paced games. As it comes up with a 27-inch of FHD 1080p display along with a 144hz refresh rate that is absolutely the finest combination of features for gaming. Moreover, there are other impressive features that make ASUS VG279Q a unique gaming monitor. Without further, a duo, let’s dive into its dept review of its features.

ASUS VG279Q Review

Display Quality

A monitor with 27 inches of screen with the 1080p resolution along with an IPS panel technology is something unique, as you will not find it common that a 144hz monitor comes up with IPS. Plus, you will get the max brightness of 400 nits.

ASUS VG279Q display

Now, here you may notice something, that this is a revolution in IPS technology. As in recent times, we were getting about 300 to 350 nits in IPS along with 4 to 5ms of response times for GTG. But now here they have improved a lot, as ASUS VG279Q has a response time of 3ms with the 400 nits max brightness with IPS.

More specifications related to the panel are standard ones, for instance, the contrast we get is 1000:1 and 8 bits of color depth that covers the sRGB color gamut.

One more important thing that you should keep in mind is, that the low pixel density of ASUS VG279Q is not that great TBH, Why is that? Because of the relatively low 1080p resolution on its 27-inch display.

But don’t worry, you will not find any issues while gaming.


Whenever you are talking about the performance you have to know what response time a monitor is offering, As a Tech Expert, I personally prefer 5ms or less than that. Here, ASUS VG279Q is providing you a 3ms fast response time, which is perfect for fast-paced games undoubtedly. Plus, you will not face any kind of ghosting and image blurring issues.

The response time you get in this model is apparently the same as TN models, including vibrant colors along with viewing angles, which is 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

One more thing you will probably notice, the input lag performance you will get in this model is way too good, around 4ms. Here, I must say that it is a great deal for competitive gamers.

The best part about ASUS VG279Q is that you will not face any issues like visual artifacts, excessive backlight bleeding, and dead pixels. And I am damn sure that you faced these problems with other monitors.

Plus, you may face a bit of IPS glow, which is entirely manageable.


ASUS VG279Q 1080p 144Hz IPS monitor is fully equipped with the AMD Free-Sync Technology, Plus Adaptive Sync support. Now, these technologies help you to allow your monitor to change its refresh dynamically. Moreover, it eliminates the screen tearing and stuttering issues.

You will get the best gaming experience on ASUS VG279Q, with detailed image quality. I will highly recommend it to all the gamers who want to have a 144hz gaming monitor, just go for ASUS VG279Q which is the best budget gaming monitor.

Design & Connectivity

Let’s dive into its fully ergonomic design with 130 mm height adjustment along with 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise pivot.

Moreover, it has VESA compatibility, so you have the option of wall mounting if you want your monitor on the wall instead of the table. You will also get the anti-glare matte screen coating of 3h (minimal reflection) with ultra-thin matte black bezels (10 mm).

Let’s discuss the connectivity of ASUS VG279Q: Here you will get Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI 1.4a which is the latest one, and DisplayPort 1.2a. Moreover, it also does have dual speakers, which is not common in the competitor’s displays.


The price of ASUS VG279Q is around $300, which is a little expensive as compared to other monitors that are offering almost the same features. You may have other options too. Such as LG 24GN650 and Dell S2522HG.

But if you have more budget and want to expand some more dollars, I would recommend you the high-end Dell G3223Q beast.


The ASUS VG279Q is the best gaming monitor and thanks to IPS technology that makes this monitor is worth buying. I have seen many gaming monitors guide and noticed that ASUS VG279Q is the single monitor that all the researchers have included in their list.

I must say that this monitor is much more reliable than the other expensive Asus products are. With this much of price, you should consider this monitor because this is the best deal you will get.

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