Gaming Monitors are available in a very wide range, So I have selected the best gaming monitors under 200 to narrow the range and collect the best gaming monitors in this range.

Gaming monitors play an important role in all gamers’ lives. They not only give you the best colors and details, but they also offer a little more to your favorite games. In this buying guide, I will show you how to choose the best monitor for gaming for under $200 as well as explain why it is so important for everyone to have a good monitor for their gaming experience.

It will help you to find your best 4k gaming monitor for under 200USD.

There are many options for buying a cheap monitor, but you have to be careful. As they offer you the feature which barely supports any mainstream games. Maybe you will face many issues like ghosting and many more. So, as per my research, I have collected the best monitors under the 200 budget that will not cause you any trouble, instead, you will be amazed by their amazing features that you hardly find within this budget.

If you have a budget of $200 for a gaming monitor, then let me tell you something, these monitors can provide you with an accurate color scheme and great resolution to make things easier for you. So I advise you to check out the list and their detailed reviews.

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Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 2022 (List)

1. AOC G2590FX – Best 144hz Gaming Monitor Under 200
2. LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27 – Best 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 200
3. AOC C24G1A – Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 200
4. Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx – Best 165hz Gaming Monitor Under 200
5. Dell S2421H – Best 75hz Gaming Monitor Under 200
6. Acer XFA240 – Best 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 200
7. Sceptre C248B-144R – Best 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor Under 200

What To look For In The Best Gaming Monitor Under 200?

This budget has many wide ranges of monitors, from the cheap to the very expensive. The best ones are not too far from 200 dollars, but what you should look for in a monitor under 200?

There are some key features that I have discussed so the job gets easy for you so that you get what you need but do consider these features a must.

The following are key features of the best gaming monitors.

Best Resolution For gaming Monitors Under 200

As you can get a 1920 x 1080P resolution monitor for under 200 dollars, this is the standard resolution. There are some monitors that offer good resolution (this depends on the size too) but for this range, you get a good quality resolution.

Best Aspect ratio for Gaming Monitors Under $200

I personally prefer the 16:9 aspect ratio for a gaming monitor, this is because of the wider screen and there are 17:9 too which looks a bit better to me.

Refresh Rate

This is the number of times a monitor refreshes the image, usually 60Hz it means that the monitor refreshes the image 60 times per second. Refresh Rate affects the gaming experience, 75hz or more than that is good enough under 200 dollars.

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Response Time

The more it is minimum it’s good, the recommended one is 4ms or less than that if the response time is 1ms then you should go for it.

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Panel Technology

There are three types of panel technology, the best one which is, in my opinion, is LED-backlit LCD. Basically, there are three types:

TN: The worst one, for this type of technology there are faster response times, and usually cheap.

IPS: The best one out of the three (in my opinion), there is no ghosting and the viewing angles are good.

VA: Good enough, not too great but it is a good one, there is no ghosting and the viewing angles are very good.

Maximum Brightness

I recommend the monitor which has a minimum of 350 cd/m2 of brightness, it is more than enough for a gaming monitor. The more it is the better, usually, the standard is 300cd/m². The higher number of brightness, the more expensive it gets.

Best Gaming Monitors Under 200(Reviews)

1. AOC G2590FX – Best 144hz Gaming Monitor Under 200


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Screen Size: 24.5 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 400 cd/m²

Top of the list AOC G2590FX is one of the best gaming monitors for under 200. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz. The monitor is made for competitive games with high FPS. The best thing about the monitor is that it has FreeSync which makes your gaming experience better by syncing the GPU to the monitor’s refresh rate, to eliminate tearing and stuttering.

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The attractive display has a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you are looking for a monitor buy under 200 dollars, AOC G2590FX is the one to go for.

Overall gaming experience of AOC G2590FX is very good and smooth. It is a good monitor for both new and experienced gamers.

The key features it offers 1920 x 1080 resolution with AMD FreeSync Support 144Hz Refresh rate 3ms response time (GtG) 1 x DP, 1 x HDMI and 1 x VGA.

The design of the monitor is also very attractive. It has a black color theme with red accents on the stand and at the back of the monitor which looks very appealing.

It has an ultra-thin bezel which makes the gaming experience much better. The monitor stand’s height is also adjustable for maximum comfort. The screen does not have any dead or stuck pixels and the color quality of the display is very good with decent viewing angles. It has an extremely quick response time which eliminates ghosting, stuttering and tearing during fast-paced games. The monitor is good for playing graphic-intensive AAA titles at high FPS.

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Response time is fast
FreeSync supported
Image quality is impressive
great build quality


Viewing angles are narrow

2. LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27 – Best 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 200

LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27

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Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 5ms | Brightness: 150 cd/m²

The second best gaming monitor under $200 is the LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27. This gaming monitor provides a very good user experience because it’s fast and responsive which makes your games perform well with no lag or blur images also it has an amazing response time that delivers exceptionally LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27.

This monitor is 27 inches with a full HD screen. The display has a modern look and feels as it blurs the line between the glass and the liquid crystal, keeping your focus on the incredible images.

The smooth matt finish also provides a great visual experience for your games because it makes it to be very easy to see even from an angle.

Among its best features is the fact that it has a very slim design which makes this monitor more stylish and sleek. This monitor comes with a stand that ensures stability for your monitor while you enjoy the experience of playing games.

This monitor also has an advanced gaming mode to help you have a more enjoyable time while playing games, thanks to the response time this monitor provides as it’s very fast and responsive.

The best features as the aspect ratio are 16: 9, and the panel they used is IPS which is most preferable. On the other hand, it has the best built-in speakers so you can have great sound quality while playing games.

The LG 27MP60G-B.AUM 27 has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a response rate of 5ms. This monitor also has an adjustable stand which makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle, this feature allows your friends or other family members to watch what you’re doing without any issues.


Good connectivity
Best gaming performance



3. AOC C24G1A – Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 200


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Screen Size: 24 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 250 cd/m²

The third one is AOC C24G1A as we know AOC produced the best cheap gaming monitors and in this model, they are continuing that tradition. They are oftentimes compared with the TN panel but in this case, they used a VA panel which is great when it comes to color accuracy or black levels. The monitor has a response time of 1ms which is a great deal, you will also get an excellent 165hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync support.

This model offers only one HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2 but we think that is enough for most gamers.

The price of the monitors has dropped quite a bit since its launch and you can get it under $200 which is a great deal, if you are looking for a gaming monitor under $200 this model should be on your list.

The overall gaming experience is excellent and we think you will be more than happy with its features especially if you are a competitive gamer or a casual one who wants to take his/hers gaming experience to another level. This model features an aggressive design and sturdy build quality, it is perfect for all gamers out there.

One of the most recommended Gaming monitors under 200 for gamers and newbies. Still not sure that you have more options also which will be discussed below.


Design is super impressive
FreeSync supported
Great contrast ratio


NO joystick

4. Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx – Best 165hz Gaming Monitor Under 200

Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx

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Screen Size: 23.8 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 2ms | Brightness: 250 cd/m²

The Fourth one is Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx, the best 165hz gaming monitor under 200. The Acer XF series is a great choice for gamers and content creators.

The size of the monitor is 23.8 inches, which is bigger than any other monitor on this list, but it is still very much popular for its FPS games. The refresh rate of the monitor is up to 165hz and You can enjoy lightning-fast gaming with AMD FreeSync technology which reduces tearing and stuttering during high action sequences.

The resolution of the monitor is Full HD 1080p, so images will look sharp and clean. The monitor has a high-quality picture mode, so You can enjoy a vivid and bright image quality. It is great for playing games as well as watching movies, plus it’s fun watching from any angle thanks to the Acer ComfyView technology.

The Acer XF series has a very thin bezel design, which makes it look gorgeous. You can play games with the best settings which will make your game run even more smoothly and stable.

The features it offers are very advanced that You can even control the monitor remotely using your smartphone, plus it has a low blue light mode which protects Your eyes.

Its predecessor Acer XFA240 had some issues with the colors, but this version overcomes them and it is an overall great choice for gamers. The design of the monitor looks simple yet elegant.

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Response time is exceptional
Supports VRR
High Refresh Rate


Contrast Ratio is not that good

5. Dell S2421H – Best 75hz Gaming Monitor Under 200

Dell S2421H

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 24 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 4ms | Brightness: 250 cd/m²

As we know Dell never disappoints with gaming monitors, Dell S2421H is also one of the successors of its older model Dell S2419HM. It has full HD resolution for delivering clear, sharp picture quality. You can easily surpass 60fps via HDMI port without any noticeable lag or blurriness. It also comes with an IPS panel which provides a wider viewing angle ( 178° ).

This monitor is one of the best affordable gaming monitors for ps4 pro and its impressive features make it the best gaming monitor under 200 dollars.

Dell S2421H resolution is 1920*1080 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. On the other hand, its brightness is 250nits which is a great deal in this budget.

Its refresh rate is 60Hz and it has a solid stand for adjusting height, angle, and pivot. Design-wise, Dell S2421H looks very similar to its predecessor “D.

So, If you are looking for a gaming monitor under $200 with a full HD display & IPS panel, Dell S2421H is the best option. It’s not only suitable for ps4 pro but also can be used on your PC. Moreover, Its build quality is very sturdy so you can rely on it. And the only thing I didn’t like about this monitor is its no built-in speakers.

Moreover, its gaming experience is very smooth & responsive. You will find any drawbacks of this gaming monitor as it is already very successful in the market and doing great with the best feedback.


Low input rag
Response time is quite good
Excellent uniformity of gray


Display port is not there

6. Acer XFA240 – Best 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 200

Acer XFA240

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 350 cd/m²

Acer XFA240 is the best 144hz gaming monitor that comes with a great package. Its refresh rate is 144hz with a 1ms response time. The monitor offers a wide-viewing angle of 170 degrees both vertically and horizontally to give a clear image display when viewing from different angles. It has the FreeSync feature that reduces screen tearing when connected to an AMD graphics card. Its Response Time is 1 ms which gives a smooth gaming experience even in high-intensity FPS games without any delay or blur. It has very versatile connectivity with HDMI, Display Port, and DVI ports for most of the devices. Its stand is highly adjustable for optimal viewing angles.

Acer XFA240 has no major cons. It is the best monitor for gamers who are starting with a low budget of under $200. For casual users, it can also be used as a multi-purpose monitor to watch movies or edit videos, etc. because of its high refresh rate and quick response time.

The gameplay of Acer XFA240 on different games like GTA V, NFS Payback, and Far cry 5 is smooth. You can also connect it with your Xbox or any other Console.

Basically, the physical stand of a monitor can be rotated or can tilt, swivel, or even pivot. But Acer XFA240 is the only monitor which has the maximum possible adjustment to provide you with different viewing angles.

The Great refresh rate and response time for gaming on the other hand no major cons The physical stand of this monitor is highly adjustable for extra comfort.

Finally, Acer XFA240 is the best monitor for gamers with a great package of 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Its physical stand provides you maximum adjustment to give you comfort while using it in any situation.


Best 144hz gaming monitor
ergonomic support
Compatibility with G-Sync


Viewing angles are narrow

7. Sceptre C248B-144R – Best 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor Under 200

Sceptre C248B-144R

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 24 |Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 5ms | Brightness: 250 cd/m²

Last but not least well known Sceptre C248B-144R in the gaming industry, is one of the best famous cheap gaming monitors out there.

This monitor has a very good design view. It is made up of a strong metal frame which will give you the impression that this monitor will work well for a long time.

The size of the monitor is 24 inches with a minimum bezel feature, therefore it looks awesome in size. It has got a blue light filter option so do not worry about your eyes as you will not feel much strain on your eyes after playing for a long time.

This monitor has got a 1080p display with a 24-inch size which gives you a good viewing experience. It is an affordable monitor and it is the best pick for those who want to buy a cheap gaming monitor under 200.

The gaming experience is way too great due to the 144 Hz refresh rate along with its response time which is also low so it is best for gamers. On the other hand, this monitor has got VGA, HDMI, and many more input options so you can connect your laptop or pc via any of them according to your ease.

It is a complete package with the best specs at an affordable price point. If you are looking forward to buying a cheap gaming monitor for under 200 then just go for it without thinking twice about it.

I will conclude by saying that this is the best monitor at such a cheap price as compared to other cheap gaming monitors under 200.

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Quite high contrast ratio
Connectivity is quite fine
Fantastic gaming experience


Stand adjustment issues

Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 Comparison

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As per my research, the monitors discussed above are the best gaming monitors for under 200 that you can get today. These displays will give your computer games a new life and make them look even better than before.

However, while buying hardware hardly matters what brand it comes from, you still have to make the best use of your money. Because these days there are many brands who are selling their products at low prices but they are not worth buying. So keep in mind that you really need to do some research before buying something, which comes at a low price.

If you have any questions or query comments down below, I will get in touch with you in a short period of time.

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