Now days Finding the best monitors for ps5 2022 is an easy job if you know what you are looking for. Basically, ps5 can also be connected with simple TV but if you want proper 4k gaming feel then you should go for the best 4k gaming monitor for ps5.

You will have many choices but you will get confused, so I have made things easy for you in this article you will get to know the key features that should be there in your ps5 monitor.

So this is the right place for you. The best ps5 monitor will enhance your video game experience, so read carefully if you are looking for the best ps5 monitor.

If your budget is not high, then you can go for a cheap gaming monitor for ps5 2022 that suits your budget of the best 4k monitors. I will also mention the expensive gaming monitors for ps5 that are worth the money, So every budget will be covered.

So let’s start the race, Most of us will be confused about what to do after buying a product, so I will share my personal views and expert reviews about the best gaming monitor for ps5 2022 to help you out.

In my opinion, the best ps5 monitor should have 4k at 60hz and G-sync or Freesync which means it will be better if you get a 4k TV with G-Sync/Freesync so there is no need of getting extra hardware for smooth 4k gaming. G-Sync and Freesync will reduce tearing and help you get rid of stuttering while playing video games on ps5. let’s get into the list of Best monitors for ps5.

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Best Monitors for PS5 list 2022

1. Acer Nitro XV282K – Editors choice
2. Gigabyte AORUS FV43U – Best 144hz Gaming Monitor for ps5
3. Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q – Best 28-inch Gaming Monitor For ps5
4. LG UltraGear 27GP950 – Best 165hz Gaming Monitor for ps5
5. LG OLED48C1PUB – Best 4k Monitor for ps5
6. LG 27″ 27GN950-B – Best 1ms Gaming Monitor for ps5
7. LG 32″ 32GK650F-B – Best 1440p Monitor for ps5
8. Acer Predator 27″ XB273K – Best 27 inch Monitor
9.BenQ EW3270U – Best HDR Gaming Monitor

What To Look For In A Best Monitors For PS5 2022?

You will get a lot of variety in monitors for ps5 but you should the main key features. Let’s assume you are going to buy a monitor but you don’t know your requirements, you are only impressed by its design and appearance.

So my friend you will 99% get the wrong product and you will regret your decision. I’m here trying to help you in this scenario that you should know these features before buying a 4k monitor for ps5.

Here I have created the list for you.

Screen Resolution

For ps5 1080p full HD is enough but you can also go for 4k (3480 x 2160) or 8k (7680 x 4320). The more you go up for a resolution the more it gets expensive, so it also depends on your budget.

HDMI 2.1

Now HDMI support for ps5 monitor. So you should know ps5 uses HDMI 2.1 for the connectivity that helps you to play games in 4k best quality without any tearing issues or lacks and you will experience the best graphics.

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Refresh Rate

I personally recommend 144hz for your ps5 monitor plus it is the perfect refresh rate for ps5. 144hz monitors for ps5 are better than others out there.

Aspect Ratio

16:9 and 21:9 are the best standard for ps5 gaming monitors in 2022. If you find it go for it then.

Response Time

If you want your ps5 monitor high frame HD gaming experience then a 1ms response time is best.

Best Monitors For PS5 Reviews 2022

1. Acer Nitro XV282K – Editors choice

Acer Nitro XV282K

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 28 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 3ms | Brightness: 400 cd/m²

Starting from Acer Nitro XV282K which is the best 144hz monitor for ps5 2022. It was released by Acer but it has many similarities to Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ.

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This monitor is ideal for intensive graphic applications, including video games or even video editing. With the maximum resolution of 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels, there are also several technologies that aim to offer gamers the best experience when playing. This includes FreeSync technology that allows you to synchronize the refresh rate of the monitor with your video card, as well as HDR 10 support for better contrast and color range compared to most other monitors.

If we talk about connectivity, this model also has all the ports required by most modern consoles including HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI port, USB 3.0 Type-A, and an in-line control that allows you to change the monitor’s settings easily in gaming mode.

While using it for ps5 it gives the best experience because of its 144 Hz refresh rate, the HDR support is also an advantage. It has FreeSync technology that allows connecting your monitor with any modern graphics card. It was designed according to the new HDMI 2.1 standard for better 4k display quality.

Overall the gaming experience of Acer Nitro XV282K is quite good and the design of the monitor is also pretty good. Acer Nitro XV282K is the 4k gaming monitor that is doing great in the market and has the best combo with ps5, you will definitely notice that Acer Nitro XV282 enhanced the gaming experience for ps5.

In the conclusion, I will definitely recommend you this model of Acer as it’s the best 4k monitor for ps5 and you will not regret it after using it.


FreeSync(VRR) supported
Supports HDMI 2.1
Input lag is low


Contrast Ratio is low

2. Gigabyte AORUS FV43U – Best 144hz Gaming Monitor for ps5

Best 4k gaming monitor.

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 43 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 1000 nits

Great monitor for ps5 as it offers what we need from ps5 monitor that should be ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 4k that gives you the smooth feel in the gameplay of ps5 and this monitor offers that specs.

The screen has an IPS 4k display along with a refresh rate of 144hz at 32 inches of screen size with freesync that allows you to have a gaming experience in proper 4k graphics without any lacking issues which is best for ps5.

This monitor also drops to 1080p for power saving purposes and it is a very cool feature of this monitor that you can’t find in another monitor.

It also offers a blur-reduction feature along with motion blur reduction which is very important for ps5 games to have the quality of their graphics.

It also gives you an Fps counter at the corner which can be very useful for gameplay consisting of graphics that are more than ps4 games. This monitor offers a high refresh rate of 144hz which is required for ps5 to match its level of fps according to its resolution in order to get the best gaming experience while playing on this monitor like you can’t get while using other monitors like 60hz screens.

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No power supply is required as it connects directly from ps5 CPU unit. It offers a lot of gaming features for ps5 so it is the best to monitor to have with the ps5 console. Overall the gaming experience of Gigabyte AORUS FV43U in ps5 is amazing.

In conclusion, I will say that go for it if you have the budget to buy it as it is a bit costly but if you want to have the best monitor for ps5 then go for it because I already used this monitor and trust me it is not like an ordinary cheap screen which offers high refresh rate at low resolution.

It will be the best choice for every gamer who loves to play ps5 games on ultra had.

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Impressive colors
Best HDR
Great Gaming performance



3. Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q – Best 28-inch Gaming Monitor For ps5

Best gaming monitor under $500.
Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 28 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 5ms | Brightness: 350 cd/m²

The features Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q had looked like it is built for ps5. It also comes in the budget gaming monitors but it has high features as the screen is big with a 3840 x 2160 resolution that enhances your gaming experience. Along with that, it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz which means it will provide fluidity to the video while playing on ps5.

PS5’s 4K Blu-ray player makes this future monitor even more interesting as it can support 4K resolution at 60 fps with no issues. The only missing feature is HDR, but if you compare its price to other monitors with HDR, this is the best monitor for ps5 2022.

This is not a 4K monitor but it can be upgraded to support up to 4K which means you will get more future proof with this monitor. It has phenomenal features like; a 1 ms response time and its refresh rate is up to 144 Hz ensuring gaming fluidity.

To get the best experience for this monitor, you need to connect it with a ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA56-O8G-Gaming graphics card which means you are good to go on ps5 2022.

This is a curved monitor and has amazing features like; 1 ms response time, up to 165 Hz refresh rate and it can support up to 2560 x 1440 resolution. It also has Nvidia G-sync which is the best technology for low frame rates.

If you are looking for a future-proof monitor under $500, then this is what you should go with as it has all the features that come along with PS5 2022. The only downside of this monitor is that it doesn’t support HDR which may be a big drawback for most gamers. Its price is less than $500 which makes it the best monitor for ps5 2022 with its amazing features.

This monitor has a pixel density of 165 PPI that will provide maximum clarity while playing on PS5 2022. It also supports 4K resolution and has a dynamic range of 16 million colors. The coverall Monitor is worth the buying in this budget for ps5.


Value for money
Build quality is way too good
Great accurate colors


Contrast is average

4. LG UltraGear 27GP950 – Best 165hz Gaming Monitor for ps5

LG UltraGear 27GP950

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 400 cd/m²

The fifth best monitor for ps5 on the list is LG UltraGear 27GP950. It is the monitor for PS5 gamers who want a monitor that can do it all and is looking for a monitor with a very high resolution of 3840 x 2160 4K and an extremely good refresh rate displayed in its 27 inches size that gives you smooth gameplay with best graphics experience.

The users can be able to enjoy playing games available on the market today with amazing graphics and crystal clear gameplay. So, if you are thinking about having a monitor that works perfectly for both work and play, without losing out on performance or quality, this is your best option.

The display of LG UltraGear 27GP950 will give you outstanding color vibrancy, excellent viewing angles, and a rapid response time of 1ms.

In addition to this, users will also get a great all-round experience thanks to its HDR compatibility with P3 99% color gamut coverage with its design that is very solid and consists of a slim bezel with a brushed metal finish, making it one of the most elegant monitors on our list.

LG UltraGear 27GP950 will be right at home in any office or gaming den, so you can enjoy being able to use it for games with amazing graphics and crystal clear gameplay.

I would recommend this LG UltraGear 27GP950 to ps5 gamers who are looking for a monitor with 4K resolution and can be able to provide smooth gameplay. I would also recommend this best monitor for ps5 to gamers who are looking for a monitor with 27-inch screen size and an extremely good refresh rate. If you’re interested in it then go for it without a single thought.


Response time is outstanding
Input lag is low
Great viewing angles


Contrast is low

5. LG OLED48C1PUB – Best 4k Monitor for ps5


Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 47.6 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 220 cd/m²

Here comes LG OLED48C1PUB, this monitor is itself a beast for those who are in the gaming industry for a while it gives all the high features that are already dominating the market.

Basically, LG has produced many gaming monitors which are already doing great out there no doubt but this model is not only best for gaming, you can also attach it with your PS5 as it’s built especially for ps5. As its connectivity is way too good they used HDMI 2.1 that we already know ps5 supports. Not only that its 4k resolution (3840 x 2160p) gives you a smooth gameplay experience without any lacking or graphics issue.

LG OLED48C1PUB has the (H/V): 178 ° / 178 ° excellent viewing angles and the brightness is 220 cd/m2x that’s the reason the display quality is too impressive and yeah more thanks to the contrast ratio that made his picture quality awesome, that means you can’t resist buying it.

This monitor comes with G-SYNC Compatibility and FreeSync Premium™ with VRR that has a 1440hz refresh rate that is best for gaming displays. Overall it has fast i/o ports, which means you will not face any issue in connecting other components and you will enjoy it with your ps5.

You can get other monitors in this range for ps5 but this one is more compatible and reliable as compared to others, you already know its out-class features and the best display that LG OLED48C1PUB offers.

If I talked about its physical appearance you have noticed that it has a very unique and sleek design with a support stand that makes you feel heavy in physical appearance but at the same time, it looks way too smart.

Now it’s up to you, whether you should go for it or not. But my recommendation is that in this budget this is a pure beast for ps5 that you should consider.


Impressive wide view angle
Contrast Ratio is near infinite


Not bright enough

6. LG 27″ 27GN950-B – Best 1ms Gaming Monitor for ps5

LG 27 27GN950-B

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 450 nits

I have included another model of LG that is LG 27″ 27GN950-B it has also one best feature which makes him stand out from others. LG has the best gaming monitors, and some are compatible with ps5, ps4 but here we are discussing monitors of ps5. As LG 27″ 27GN950-B has the best display and picture quality it offers a 27-inch display with a UHD (3840 x 2160) Nano IPS Display.

You will experience the fastest gaming on LG 27″ 27GN950-B because it has NVIDIA G-SYNC that is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, so you can say it is designed for gaming purposes and it has HDMI 2.1 port that is supported by ps5 also. It gives the best overall gaming experience with top-notch features which are only in a few monitors out there.

The cool thing about its design is that it has great physical features like it can be tilt and move to different angles with the help of its adjustable stand not only that it also shows you a 4-side Virtually borderless display. It is way too impressive and you cannot get any issues regarding its angles or position of the screen as you can adjust it as you want.

It has many new technology I/o ports, 2 HDMI, 1 display and 2 USB ports so basically you will not face any problems regarding any connectivity. As it offers you many cool things and great new features that will enhance your gaming experience with ps5 you will not regret it after buying LG 27″ 27GN950-B.

In my opinion, both the LG Monitors are excellent with ps5 you do consider LG 27″ 27GN950-B and as well the upper one LG OLED48C1PUB and again it’s up to you and your choice that which one is good for you but if you have any question do let me know.


Input lag is too low
4k resolutions
High view angles



7. LG 32″ 32GK650F-B – Best 1440p Monitor for ps5

LG 32 32GK650F-B

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 32 |Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1440p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 5ms | Brightness: 350 cd/m²

One of the known beasts in the market that is used for PS5 in on and only LG 32″ 32GK650F-B that have the best display with high resolution. You will get to know all the specs and detailed reviews, which will help you to resolve your queries for it, so sit tight.

The LG 32GK650F is a 32-inch monitor with a pure HD 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz. Along with a 5 ms response time that is excellent for gamers who want the smoothest images without ghosting or tearing effects. In addition, its response time prevents stuttering and tearing when playing fast-moving games.

LG 32″ 32GK650F-B stands out for maximum gaming and entertainment with a thin bezel design and stylish aluminum stand as you can see in the above picture.

Gk650F has a standard 21: 9 aspect ratio that offers the full width of your movies and games while maintaining a more standard 16: 9 thank you. The backlight is even across the entire screen, it has great viewing angles. The monitor is equipped with the ULMB blur-reducing technology that can synchronize its refresh rates to the frame rate of your game to decrease motion blur and eliminate ghosting effects.

It uses HDMI 2.1 which is compatible with ps5. If you want this monitor for specifically PS5 then congratulation you will be experiencing the best gameplay of your life.

The monitor has a built-in speaker that is great for the casual user because the sound output of this monitor is better than most monitors. That’s everything about it if you are still confused then you still have more options but believe me it’s the best one. In the end, it’s up to you, Your decision to make.


Low Input lag
looks great in dark room
best gaming performance


viewing angles are not that good

8. Acer Predator 27″ XB273K – Best 27 inch Monitor

Acer Predator 27

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 27 |Maximum Resolution: 3840x2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 4ms | Brightness: 350 nits

The one is as waiting for Acer Predator 27″ XB273K, which is the most recommended for ps5 as it comes with a 4k HD display with 3840 x 2160 resolution along with a 144hz refresh rate is way too great for your ps5.

This one also comes with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ which is the best thing you would get in a monitor nowadays. Overall this monitor will cost you around $700 but it is worth for ps5, as the performance is also good at a low price you would not get this quality in any other brands.

The connectivity of Acer Predator 27″ XB273K includes HDMI 2.0 x 1 that works for ps5 and you will not face any hurdles regarding this. Other than that you also get a USB 3.0 x 2 and another type C port, however, the ports on this monitor are on the back of the monitor instead of on the side which is slightly bad for ps5 as you will need space to hook up all such cords it requires. But overall it’s an amazing performance by Acer Predator 27″.

The response time you get in this monitor will be 1ms which is best in my opinion monitor should be fast as hell if you are using it for hardcore gaming. As Acer has many monitors that are specially built for gaming Acer Predator 27″ XB273K is one of the best out there. Gamers are already using it for ps5 as it gives the best gaming experience because of its super notch HD display and new features.

In the end, I’ll include it by saying that Acer Predator 27″ XB273K is the best monitor for ps5 2022 because it comes with an awesome HD display, NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ which you get in high end monitors only, It also includes great connectivity options along with efficient response time.


Outclass color accuracy
G-sync compatible



9. BenQ EW3270U – Best HDR Gaming Monitor

BenQ EW3270U

Check Price on Amazon

Screen Size: 31.5 |Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160p | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Response Time: 4ms | Brightness: 300 cd/m²

Last but not least one of the best monitors for ps5 is BenQ EW3270U. It comes with a super HD display with the great Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 Resolution. Along with a response time of 4ms that is good enough to play games in full resolution. Not only that it also best 60hz refresh rate which means you will get a fast monitor and will not face any kind of lacking.

The overall gaming experience is much more improved than you will get in this monitor to play games. Now talking about the aspect ratio of HDR 10 it is not fully supported by ps5 pro but it doesn’t matter that much as it’s already crashing the gaming industry with its cool features.

The appearance of this monitor is too good that you will get better shiny and smooth lightning effects. This monitor is suitable for all types of games like FPS, Racing, and much more. Not only this monitor is best for ps5 pro but it can be used with any other gaming console or PC as well.
The arrangement of the ports of the monitor is very good and simple that you will not face any kind of problems.

The display of this monitor is superb and very sharp with its trail effect. But what makes it different from all other ps5 pro monitors is its low input lag, easy-to-use control panel, and much more.

All in all, if we compare this best ps5 pro monitor with all others then we can say that it is better in all aspects. It has great features, a nice appearance, and a cheap price as the best gaming monitor under 700. Along with this, the black equalizer makes it more suitable for both games and movies at any time.


Dark screen performance is nice
impressive 4k resolution
Wide angles


Not bright enough


I have covered all the best monitors for ps5 and their detailed reviews, if you have less budget then you should go for the best gaming monitors under 800.

All the best monitors for ps5 have been discussed above. the article may not be complete according to your viewpoint but all are best among other TVs so don’t worry about it.

Just take a look at them and chose one which you think suits you the most. If you have any other suggestions then please let us know through the comments section below, we will check that monitor for ps 5. I want your feedback, so do let me know.

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