As we know the resolution is one of the most important aspects of gaming monitors, obviously the question arises what is the best resolution for gaming? The answer depends on the type of gamer and his budget, if we take 1080p resolution, which offers you the great performance and this is budget-friendly too. Now if we go up to 1440p, we will get both the best performance and visuals too, but you have to push your budget a little. Here comes the elite one 2160p, the best among all, but the only thing which is considerable is that every GPU cannot handle it easily.

What is the Best Resolution for Gaming?

If you want the best graphics, then you may know that resolution is one of the most critical options in-game settings. So, let’s deep dig resolution, to sort things for you.

There was a time when 1080 resolution was the dream of every gamer because at that time it gave the best performance and top-notch visuals. But now things are not the same, as after the release of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One everything was changed. Now mainstream knew they have to up their games in terms of resolutions and other main features. Here we go, it’s the time that a professional gamer cannot settle on 1080p because we have other best options like 1440p or 2160p.

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What is the Best Resolution for Gaming?

When it comes to the monitor’s display resolution, it contains the pixels and the obvious thing is that the more the pixel you get on your display, the more clear and sharp visuals you get. So the higher the resolution, the higher amount of pixels you will get.

The three most popular resolution you see, are the following:

Full HD (1080p)
Quad HD (1440p)
Ultra HD (2160p)


The above image explains the display resolution.

Full HD

We call 1080p the HD resolution but in previous times 720p is also considered HD, even know some TVs support only 720P resolution. Now in 2022, I don’t think so any gamer using 720p resolution as it is below the satisfactory but for those who are still on old consoles or don’t have money then it can be an exceptional case.

However, 1080p resolution is still in and very popular as it gives the best performance and for several more reasons. Let’s consider the key factors of the popularity of 1080p resolution, first, a fall falls in the budget range, and it can achieve the best frame rates along with the responsiveness of 144 Hz and 240 Hz. For competitive gamers, it’s more than enough.

The affordable GPUs can easily handle the 1080p resolutions, here we get both, the best performance along with top-notch visuals, which is a very plus point for all the newbies and as well professional gamers.

Quad HD

In 2022 QHD is the best resolution for gaming monitors, it’s personally my favorite one because it comes in between FHD and UHD, not only that it also has the best performance than 1080p but still provides you the best frame rates. The perfect balance of visual and performance you get in 1440p.

We talk about Mid-range monitors a lot, here the good part is that it also comes in some budget monitors, plus The GPUs like AMD’s RX 580, 590, and Nvidia’s GTX 1060 are perfect for 1440p gaming. Not only these, but some weaker models also support 1440p.

I personally recommend this one (QHD) but in the end, it’s up to you. You should go with the one which works best for you.

Ultra HD

Also called 4k, the most elite monitor or TVs support the UHD. Usually, not every monitor system provides this resolution because here you need the high-end, expensive GPUs that everyone cannot buy.

Basically, 4k provides you the top-notch quality and clear images that look the same as real. But it’s obvious, that if you are getting too many pixels then the hardware should be very powerful to support it.

RTX’s new models of Nvidia are capable of these resolutions and support AAA games. But there are still old models (RX Vega 56, RX Vega 64, GTX 1080 Ti, or the GTX 1070 Ti) that provide you 4k resolution but still, you have to change the settings. One more thing, the frame will not be that high, it must be lowered.

It is fine, if you have the budget then definitely for this beast (high-end GPU) 4k monitor. Believe me, here you will get the best and most smooth visual experience that can be more than realistic.


The Aspect Ratio

The other important thing that you should consider is the aspect ratio, usually, widescreen monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio and ultra-widescreen has 21:9. So the question arises, why should we consider aspect ratio? It’s a big debate, which I’ll explain now.

Aspect ratio

As we know that nowadays ultra-wide displays are a trend, and you know the wider the screen the more horizontal pixels you get, and automatically the visuals will be outclassed. Frankly, 16:9 monitor with having 2560 × 1440 are not that demanding in comparison to 21:9 monitor because it comes with 3440 × 1440 resolutions.

The only issue you will face mainly competitive gamers is that dew developers intentionally disables the support of ultra-wide in their games, the reason is maybe they want you to take the unfair advantage of it, as others don’t have it. The thing is that FOV will be the same if you are on 16:9.

If you see some games do not support 21:9 or 32:9, the solution is that you adjust the setting, and you are ready and good to go.

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I have discussed the aspect ratio but to make it easier, the standard aspect ratio is 16:9. It is the best choice for gamers and the plus point is that it comes in the budget range.

The resolution which is already discussed, again I would say go for 1080p which gives you the best performance, but you will not get the best visuals. Moreover, if you want both same time visuals and performance then 1440p, and last if you have a big budget and need top-notch graphics then 2160p is best for you.

That was all, as per my research and if you add something or have any questions then let me know. Thanks!

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