If you are a monitor user, then you probably have the same common question. Can I plug webcam into monitor usb? The answer is yes, of course, it’s a simple process, which I will explain in this post.

The camera is very much important for those who work from home, whether you are students or professionals. As the technology is evolving, it is also possible that one day the monitors will come along with the built-in cameras. But for now, the only option we have is to connect the webcam with the monitor.
Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor USB

A webcam is a device that transmits pictures and videos online. It basically helps you to connect with the other person on live video, and it does not matter whether the person is next to your building or in another country.

Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor USB?

There are a lot of applications that are available online that help you to use the webcam with the monitor more easily, but make sure before downloading any app to read the reviews and check the ratings.

Now let’s dive into it, while connecting a webcam to the monitor you must have the available ports such as a USB port, but not only that it should have compatibility with the webcam connectivity.

Mainly the reason for that is now in this decade we have too many USB hubs and every one has its own functionalities, so you must have the knowledge of it while plugging webcam into monitor USB.

On the other side, if we talk about DVI cables, everyone should know that they do not transfer data or any kind of power to the USB drive. Plus, the monitor’s power cable also does not give power through the USB hubs.

As I am here to guide you that how will you Plug the Webcam Into the Monitor.

Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor? (Steps)

Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor
Probably heard of the USB serial bus, which is considered the latest technology in connectivity and data transfer. It’s not that common, but everyone knows about it.

  1. First, you have to find the USB type B (cubical shape) plug, which you will get at the back of your monitor. Normally used for printers and scanners.
  2. Now, Connect it with the CPU. (you will notice a pop-up on your taskbar with the message, “USB Device not recognized”)
  3. Reason: Because USB hub drivers are missing. As you haven’t used it before.

  4. Let’s update the required driver by pressing right click and an online update will start.
  5. Now, that everything is set, just restart your system.
  6. After taking a deep breath, let’s get started.

  7. Let’s connect your phone with it, you probably get the charging message, Maybe you are thinking what is the backend story of it, It’s simple folks, the monitor does not have a USB type A or C hub. The only option you get here is to connect it through type “hub” with a CPU that gives a connection to your monitor.

Congratulation, now it will work perfectly fine, and I hope you got the idea that yes you can connect a webcam with the monitor but the only thing required is that make monitor hubs that are connected to the CPU.

Types Of USB Ports On The Monitor

There are two main ports, Type B and Type A. As I have already mentioned above, the type b port is of cubical shape and this port is used as an extension for the connectivity of USB with your system. All you need is to connect all the necessary ports to a CPU and then enjoy all the other monitor ports as a normal port.

On the other hand, we got Type-A ports, it is also used as an extension for a USB hub but for the connectivity of all the other compatible devices such as a webcam.


Mostly Computers are as simple as 2 + 2 = 4, but sometimes it is as complex as an algorithm and for that complex stuff, I am here to help you. Plus one more thing, the research is very important, it makes things a lot easy and simple.

Before purchasing any electronic item, do read the reviews plus expert advice, so you get the idea of what pros and cons it will have.

Connecting the webcam to the monitor is an easy task but only if you do a bit of research or go through some articles without it, you will get nothing and will stick in the same situation. In the end, I just wanted to tell you, thanks for reading this article and I hope you find it informative with your question, Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor USB? Has been answered properly.

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