When it comes to curved VS Flat monitors, it’s obvious that curved monitors are the latest screens that are released after the flat monitors and everyone knows they’re also doing great in comparison to flat displays. The question arises, why should you upgrade from flat to curve? There are numerous benefits of curved monitors can be its design, viewing angles, and some others, and I am going to solve some of your queries next.

curved vs flat screen monitors

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Which is best for your needs?

If you update yourself with the new technology, you should know that Curved Monitors are now taking up the industry as they already provide, the features that are present in flat screen but not only that curved have now additional features. That is too immersive, which is noticeable, especially for gamers.

Long story short if you are comparing Flat Vs. Curved then it’s obvious that curved provide more stuff than flat, I am not being biased, but it is what it is. Now let’s go into details.

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Curved vs Flat Monitors Compared

In the 3D world everything you see, or you want to see, should be in 3D, but the thing is that it is not possible in a flat. On the other side, the curved display provides you with a 3D display that makes you feel that you are not watching, it’s just like the real world.

Ocular perception is the word we use for this kind of realistic monitor technology, which makes you believe that this is the real world. For instinct the three dimensions (length, height, and width) we see in our real world, You can also experience on Curved monitors which are way too impressive. On the other hand, flat-screen monitors offer only 2D.

The Benefits of Curved screen monitors

Curved Monitors Eliminate Distortion

I’ll put it this way, whenever you are playing a game or watching a video you face distortion in pixels, and it is not due to any internet issues, it’s because of hardware (screen).

This situation you mainly face on a flat-screen doesn’t matter how much the screen size is. That’s why I prefer curved monitors as it eliminates the distortion, and it is the one of best benefits of a curved display.

curved display

Basically, a curved display is designed in this manner that the image you view on it looks realistic and on a flat screen, it looks not the same because the image blast on the screen in a straight line. You can say it is the drawback of a flat display.

Curved Monitors Are More Comfortable for Your Eyes

The physics used in the curved display to control the distortion; also makes your view comfortable and smooth, Basically, the curvature helps a viewer to see the image at once without any kind of ambiguity.

Let’s talk about flat display, there are a lot of issues is their display, but I’ll discuss some of them. For example, the eyestrain problem we feel is due to large displays and their poor viewing angles. I am sure you will not feel any kind of issues in curved monitors, even the screen size is huge. They designed it in this way so that you feel a lot more comfortable while using it for any purpose.

Curved Monitors Cover a Wider Field of View

The main reason, why I have highlighted this benefit is because the lights inside the curved monitors are arranged in such a way, that their angles are directed towards the user’s eye. That’s why you can feel the comfort level, and it enhances the image quality for you.

Frankly, the wider view of the curved screen is way too immersive, which is obviously way too impressive. I am not biased, but it’s the truth, curved monitors are better than flat ones.

Let’s take a look at this graphic image, it will clear your mind.

flat vs curved

Things That Will Take Some Getting Used to with Curved Monitors

The fact is that nothing is perfect in this world there is always a chance of betterment, same goes for curved monitors as I don’t doubt how good it is, but again there is always some drawback that can be too little, but it is there. The two main drawbacks are Wall mounting and glare issues.

Wall mounting

Now here comes wall mounting, the only problem arises due to its curved design that cannot be easily adjusted, so for a curved display, you need a specific mount as per its shape. If we look at a flat-screen, wall mounting will never be the issue.

The best part is that this kind of issue does not affect the monitor’s performance.


Sometimes you will face the glare due to some viewing angles, but it can be resolved with the adjustment from the settings, If you consider a flat display then you will not face this kind of issue because of single uniform angles.

The other solution is that keep your monitor away from the other outside lights that can reflect on your monitor screen, probably then it will not cause such glare issues.

Ultra wide Curved vs. Flat Monitors

The statement you have used or listened to a lot is that the more it’s big, the more it’s the best, the same is for an Ultra-wide curved display. You will get a big, wide display along with the best display quality. Actually, their width is bigger than their height, which makes an impressive appearance.

The aspect ratio of a wide curved display is 21:9 and the traditional aspect ratio is 16:9 which you usually see on a flat-screen display. For instinct, see this image below.

flat vs curved

The above is basically self-explanatory; as a horizontal screen is more than a vertical, that’s why it has a 21:9 ratio. It makes it a super cool, smooth display. While playing games, most of them require a widescreen, so a curved widescreen display works fines with it as it is extended horizontally, making it a realistic view.

If you want to upgrade yourself from a flat to a curved monitor, I’ll recommend you the best ones that are doing great in the market because of their screen and features.


I hope you got the idea that which monitor is better and why? As per my research, whenever there is a comparison between flat and Curved monitors, the curved will always win, As they provide extraordinary features and display. If you still have any queries or feedback, then do let me know, I always respond to the valid questions. That was all from my side, thanks!

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