It can be a debate, dedicated vs Integrated Graphics cards that which one is better, but the thing is that they are both good in their own space. But Integrated GPU has some drawbacks, which we will discuss in detail.
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Dedicated VS Integrated Graphics Cards

Graphics Cards

Graphics cards, also known as video cards, are a type of hardware that outputs graphics on screens. Graphics cards are typically found on desktop or laptop computers.

Some people might argue that the graphics card is obsolete because it is no longer necessary to have one to display video. However, they do still provide some advantages, such as accelerating various kinds of natural language processing tasks and providing a more responsive experience while playing computer games.

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Dedicated VS Integrated Graphics Cards
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What Are Integrated Graphics Card?

Basically, Integrated Graphics are built-in that comes with the system. They are already connected with the processor and due to this the battery life is way too good.

Nowadays Integrated Graphics is doing good for general computing as compared to the past when it was newly introduced.

Integrated GPU works very well for general computing, as well as playing basic level games, but in some areas, they are not as good as it needs to be.

What Is A Dedicated Graphics Card?

Dedicated Graphics Cards are not built-in, they come separately. As, we use a Dedicated Graphics card to enhance the graphics of a monitor, which can be for gaming or other video editing purposes.

In addition to this, Discrete Graphics Cards come with their own memory called VRAM (Video Random Access Memory). Basically, its memory helps you in the way that you can easily access the images quickly and efficiently. Dedicated GPUs are more recommended for heavy tasks like 4k gaming.

Dedicated VS Integrated Graphics Cards

If we compare Dedicated VS Integrated Graphics Cards, then I must say both are good in their own ways. But The big disadvantage of integrated GPU is that when CPU and GPU are both placed on the same chip, then it is obvious that single or both processors will be limited as their power will be divided.

The thing is that it is impossible to place both the GPU/CPU in the same chip without restricting anyone.

On the other side, a Dedicated GPU has its own PCB and memory, which means it cannot restrict the processor or memory of the system. So automatically the CPU will work fine and smoothly without any limitation.

A dedicated GPU also comes with a cooling feature. Because of all these features of Dedicated GPU, your computer performance will be great.

Integrated GPU has this drawback it doesn’t mean it is bad, in fact now integrated GPUs are becoming more powerful and for basic computer use it works more than enough.

Dedicated Graphics Card vs. Integrated Graphics: Which one is Better?

This has a very general answer, as it depends on the use of a user. If we talk about a serious gamer, then he should go for a dedicated GPU, as it does not restrict processor power or memory.

If a person is a basic computer user, then the Integrated GPU is enough for him. So basically it depends on the need of the user. Both GPUs are best in their own way.

In addition to these points, the price of the Dedicated Graphics Card is more than the Integrated one because Dedicated GPU offers more and works for heavy intensive tasks, not only that it also reduces the workload on your CPU.

For instinct, Graphic Designers will not be able to work on Integrated GPU, as their works are connected with high graphics. For that, the only option is a dedicated, Graphics Card.


So from the above information, the two questions arise. Who should use Dedicated Graphics? And who should use Integrated Graphics? Don’t worry! We will discuss both questions in detail.

Who should use Dedicated Graphics?

• If you are a gamer, and you want to play in high settings, then you should buy a pre-built gaming computer that has a Dedicated Graphics Card inside it. The main thing is that you have a decent amount of budget. But you do have the option to buy a Dedicated GPU separately.

• If you are a professional that uses graphics cards for their everyday work like video editing, then a dedicated GPU is the only option as other Integrated GPUs do not work in your situation.

Who should use Integrated Graphics?

• If you are not a gamer, and you use the computer just for basic purposes like browsing, emailing, and watching videos, then the integrated GPU is more than enough. These integrated Graphics are built for these basic uses.

• The Gamers that have a very tight budget and can afford dedicated GPU then you should go for the Integrated Graphics Card as it will do fine for you but do not expect high setting gameplay from it.

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