Dell G3223Q Review

Dell G3223Q is the latest gaming monitor that comes with a 32-inch 4k display. It supports SDR images along with awesome motion clarity. The best thing about G3223Q is that it is compatible with new gaming consoles such as PS5. But I will definitely give credit to HDMI 2.1 that Dell G3223Q has. One more good thing is its 144HZ refresh rate, as it was needed very much in this new masterpiece.

The only thing which I don’t like about it, Is its poor HDR performance, but overall no doubt the monitor is great.


Bright and crystal clear SDR images
Color gamut and accuracy is best
Great build quality


HDR performance is not good
USB connectivity is modest

Dell G3223Q review

Price of Dell G3223Q: $700 to $800

As per my research, this monitor is a bit expensive as you have probably seen the other monitors having almost the same features are not this expensive. But again it’s new in the market plus it has the new technology in it which I will discuss later.

If you are looking for a 32-inch display with 4k resolution in 2022 then Dell G3223Q is the best option for you at this recent time.

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Dell G3223Q: The Specs

The manufacturer adds up the specs in such a manner that it seems this monitor is more towards console gaming. Do you probably wonder why I am saying this? It’s because first a fall it has two HDMI 2.1 ports, AMD Free Sync Premium Pro plus 144hz refresh rate. And you know this is the ideal specs combination for PS5 and Xbox Series X users.

Let’s jump into its detailed specifications.

  • Screen size: 32-inch
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Panel technology: IPS
  • Screen resolution: 3840 x 2160p
  • Response time: 1ms boosted
  • HDR: VESA Display HDR 600 certified
  • Adaptive sync: AMD Free Sync Premium Pro
  • Stand adjustment: Height, tilt, wwivel
  • Ports: 2x HDMI 2.1, 1x DisplayPort, plus USB Type-B upstream, 2x USB-A with Power Charging, 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Speakers: None

Again Dell G3223Q is more into console gaming, but it does not mean that it cannot work with computers, as you have now seen all specs which are listed above this can give you an idea that this monitor will give the gaming experience with the computer too.

Dell G3223Q: Design

Dell has the same standard for its monitor designs, mainly they do not change their design, as you can see in Dell G3223Q and if you have used the old monitors of Dell you will probably notice that they kept their monitor decent and simple with same shapes.

Dell G3223Q design

Dell G3223Q design 1

In this model, you will see the modest bezels in the front along with a chin on the bottom where they always put their Dell logo. While on the back you will see the grayish plastic that looks classy along with blue LEDs.

There is a huge audience for this kind of decent monitor, as most of them prefer less flair, so this kind of designed monitor is for those specific users. Actually, Dell G3223Q is not only for gaming, but you can use it for daily life use or can be used by professionals as it is a high-end monitor with some decent shape.

You will probably feel durability while holding Dell G3223Q as it’s almost plastic, but it has a hard structure that is not breakable. It doesn’t mean using it roughly, as some parts get scratched easily due to its plastic body. One thing I should just say is that the build quality of this monitor is better than the Acer Predator and slightly better than Samsung’s Odyssey.

One more important thing is its modest stand that holds the Dell G3223Q is pretty much flat from the bottom and mainly it has all the basic functionality like tilting or changing the height, and you can also use the third party stand for it if you are not comfortable with it.

I personally prefer the stand which narrows from the bottom, but in this can it’s kind of big, which is fine for most gamers. That’s why I mentioned earlier, that you can use the third-party stand. If you don’t have the budget issue.

Dell G3223Q: Features and Menu

Dell G3223Q specs
The main highlighted feature is its HDMI 2.1, for the connectivity of consoles like PlayStation 5, and it also has a display port for those who are buying to connect with their PCs. The refresh rate of 144hz, which I have already discussed above, Due to this high refresh rate we can say this is a high-end monitor for sure.

They do have a USB port, one is type B upstream and the other two of USB-A, this means you will not face any connectivity issue, but I have noticed that has not given the C port which can make some people turn off while getting this monitor. It’s weird that Dell’s other model G3223D is less but still includes the C port.

If we talk about the monitor’s on-screen menu, then you will be amazed that it uses a joystick, that is way too easy to use along with the full access to adjustments. One more thing, it has the dedicated RGB and DCI-P3 color modes such as. custom color with gain, hue, and also saturation adjustments along with many gamma options.

One thing is pretty much clear, for those more demanding creators these features are best, but the only issue is that they have very specific modes. I have noticed that the creator mode only allows the adjustment of gamma and color gamut, not colors. For your information I add in more things, The custom color mode allows you to adjust full colors but not in gamma and gamut. But in my experience, I have realized that most gamers do not consider it an issue, they are happy with the monitors’ standard colors.

Dell G3223Q: SDR image quality

Maximum SDR Brightness
Max sdr brightness

Maximum SDR brightness is 466 nits, which is way too higher as compared to the competitors, It is noticeable whenever you are with the opposite party with another monitor automatically they look dim in front of this G3223Q. For those users who used the monitor in a light-controlled room, this is best for them with its brightness.

Contrast Ratio
contrast ratio
As per the test, the max contrast ratio we get is 1150:1, which is not that great but it is much better than Dell’s competitor. This makes G3223Q look richer among all with respect to a better sense of depth. The main question here arises, Where you will notice it? In simple words, it is noticeable mainly in Games, TV shows, and movies.

Color Gamut
color gamut
The other main feature, which I think should be discussed is the Color gamut as it is one of the technical weaknesses if it is compared to an alternative monitor. As Dell G3223Q can only reach to 94 percent of DCI-P3 whereas AdobeRGB is 89%.

Average Color Error
average color error
Let’s discuss color accuracy. Here as you can see, we get the average error for G3223Q is 1.1 which is considered in mid which is absolutely fine. As colors look realistic, In my opinion, most people prefer an over-saturated look, so I will not call it an issue.

Dell G3223Q: HDR image quality

Dell’s company has an issue with HDR, and it’s not new.

Dell has the default HDR label as Desktop. While the HDR can be ON or OFF, depending on whether the HDR is enabled or not. But here in Dell G3223Q, it automatically detects the HDR signal and enables it, and you will notice the max sustained brightness is 526 nits considered high.

If we talk about its default mode, then you probably feel weird that it’s not that good. It seems unsaturation in it but the VESA Display HDR 600 mode is better, the only issue you will face is local dimming. Here, the technique used for turning on and off the backlight totally depends on, what is displayed.

Here we have two other HDR modes, Game HDR and the other is Movie HDR. As per my research and experience, I have noticed that you will not face such issues in these types of HDR, but again you feel some kind of variance, in bright and dark images.

Why did I highlight this HDR issue? The reason for that is, that Dell G3223Q is already offering HDR games, and we are still facing issues with HDR. We can also say that HDR should be their strong feature, but hopefully, it’s not.

Dell G3223Q: Motion clarity

As I have already discussed, Dell G3223Q high refresh rate of 144hz, which allows you to play 4k games on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4, 5. You will definitely experience the smooth gameplay here.

Dell G3223Q only supports the standard AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Moreover, the Nvidia G-Sync also worked well, while I was testing with RTX 360.

When you are using it at a high refresh rate, then motion clarity will be top-notch. As it absolutely works excellently while dealing with fast-moving objects, one thing is clear, you can easily pick small objects that are moving quickly and credit goes to its 144hz refresh rate.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Dell G3223Q is the best gaming monitor under $800, and works absolutely fine with both console and computer. It depends on you for whom you are getting one.

All the latest and good features of G3223Q are appreciable, such as its great SDR image quality and the best compatibility with console gaming because of HDMI 2.1 support. Plus, the high refresh rate of 144hz brings it to a whole new level. As everything is great except the HDR which is kind of a disappointment. But don’t worry, I’ll recommend to you the only two best monitors for gaming in which you will not face any HDR issues. On is Viewsonic XG321UG and other is Asus ROG Strix PG32UQX.

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