Does a PS5 Controller work on PS4? Nowadays, this is the most common question, and I am you will agree with me. It looks like everyone wants to know whether a PS5 controller works on a PS4 or not, if yes then how. So dig deep into it and find out can a PS5 controller will work on a PS4. The short answer is no. But don’t worry, there are many other ways, which I explain later in the upcoming portion.

PS5 Controller work on PS4

However, the process is not that simple and requires lots of work, but I have done the job easy for you by putting the process into easy steps.

Let’s take a look at how to make a PS5 controller work on a PS4, but before that, let me tell you about the PS5 controller.

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Does a PS5 Controller work on PS4? How?

So now that we know what a PS5 controller is and how it works, let’s talk about how to make it work on a PS4. Firstly, just buy a PS5 controller. Once you have your PS5 controller, you need to get a PS4 gamepad dongle. It is basically a small adapter that allows you to connect a USB gamepad to your PS4. You can find it on Amazon.
After you have both your controller and your dongle, you can start to test your PS4 controller on your PS5. The first thing you need to do is to plug the dongle into the controller port on the PS4. You can do this by pressing the PS4 on the side and then pressing the controller port.

After you have connected the dongle, you need to connect the USB gamepad to the PS4.

Besides the USB Gamepad, you can also use a USB Keyboard or mouse to play games on your PS4. After everything is done and the connection is ready, you can now play the game.

Now, let’s see how to connect the PS4 to the USB Gamepad.

PS5 Controller Review

Does a PS5 Controller work on PS4

Since the release of the PS5 console, its controller is the most significant part that has amazed everyone around. It’s all because it comes along with some realistic features that are hard to ignore. It’s a DualSense wireless controller with a futuristic design that is going to last longer as compared to the PS4 controller. On the other hand, with all these features, you’ll feel lots of differences in your gameplays as compared to PS4 as you will feel each detail in your hands because of the sensors that are installed on the controller.

Let’s say you’re shooting a gun in one of your favorite AAA titles, you’ll feel like you’re actually shooting a gun in the real world on the adaptive triggers(L1 and L2). Similarly, with the motion sensors, driving a car can feel more satisfying with the PS5 controller as you can feel the difference between driving on rough and smooth surfaces.

All in all, the PS5 controller has more improvements with the use of the latest technologies, and thanks to Sony for making it much better than the PS4 controller in all aspects to take our gameplays to a whole new level.

How to connect PS4 to USB Gamepad

• First, you need to open the USB Gamepad app.

• Go to your App list, and you will find the “USB Gamepad” app.

• Tap on it to open the app.

• Now, you need to connect the USB Gamepad to your PS4.

• You can connect the USB Gamepad to your PS4 using a USB cable.

• If you have a USB cable, then you can connect the USB Gamepad to your PS4.

• Now, you have to connect the USB Gamepad with USB port on your PS4.

• If you have a USB port, then you can connect the USB Gamepad to the USB port on your PS4.

• If you don’t have a USB port, then you can connect the USB Gamepad to the USB port on your PS4.

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In the end, I hope your question has cleared that Does PS5 Controller works on PS4 but still if you have another easy solution then do let me know, I always appreciate your feedback. Moreover, if you are still stuck or your PS5 controller is not connecting with the PS4 console then do let me know by comment down below but again do follow the above steps. In my opinion, these are the easiest ones. Thank You for your time.

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