HDMI VS VGA is the most common question. Basically, both HDMI and VGA are two of the most widely used connectors which are available on almost every computer, TV, laptop, or mobile device. Both connectors are capable of transmitting audio and video signals to display devices.

VGA connector is an analog signal transmission method that uses three different wires -sync, red green blue- to transmit all color signals. HDMI is a digital signal transmission method that uses two wires to transmit both audio and video information. So basically less number of wires are required to transmit the data as compared to VGA.

VGA connectors are mostly used with older TV screens because it is an analog television standard whereas HDMI is the most commonly used connector for new Television screens which use digital television standards.


HDMI and VGA signals are both transmitted with the help of a cable. It means they both belong to the cable transmission categories. But in the current scenario, HDMI has become a more popular connector when compared to VGA connector. This is because, among all advantages that VGA holds over HDMI, it does not support High Definition signals which can be transmitted by HDMI connection.

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Compatibility of HDMI

HDMI is compatible with DVI, together they form a single digital connection that can carry uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio.

It is designed to be backward compatible with DVI in both an electrical and functional sense. The only difference between them is the clock speed of the HDMI interface is more than double that of DVI.

Compatibility of VGA

VGA is an analog interface. It can work with DVI, but the end-user has to separately ensure that the equipment they are using is compatible with both standards.

The compatibility of electronics (e.g., DVD players) for DVI and HDMI is not guaranteed due to the ability of each manufacturer to implement the standards differently.

VGA can also work with HDMI, but there is no standard for this and it requires an active converter or a dual-mode monitor that can support both analog and digital signals at the same time.

Advantage Of VGA Over HDMI: Difference between VGA and HDMI

The main advantage of VGA is that it does not require an independent power supply whereas HDMI can work with or without the power. It allows users to share the video content on several monitors through a single port like HDMI, but there is no standard for this feature. VGA has long been used as it is compatible with older tube TVs which are still in use in some parts of the world.

Comparison of HDMI And VGA

1. Standard

HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data.
VGA: It is an analogue interface mainly used for connecting to analog Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays such as computer monitors and older video projectors.

2. Interface Type

HDMI: It is a digital connection with 19 pins on each plug and socket, which uses transition minimized differential signaling (TMDS) to support video without decreasing the quality of the original signal.
VGA: The VGA interface has 15 pins on each plug and socket, which is an analog interface.

3. Power Requirement

HDMI: HDMI does not require power to deliver signals like VGA.
VGA: It requires power to work with the device, unlike HDMI.

4. Bandwidth

HDMI: HDMI has more bandwidth than VGA.
VGA: Bandwidth is less compared to HDMI.

5. Resolution

HDMI: HDMI can support up to 4k resolution, which is four times the 1080p, unlike VGA.
VGA: The maximum resolution supported by VGA is 1920×1080p.

HDMI and DisplayPort: (Difference between HDMI and Display Port)

DisplayPort and HDMI connectors look similar to each other, but the difference lies in the fact that they are not compatible with each other.
display vs hdmi

Also, when it comes to maximum resolution quality, both have different standards. DisplayPort can carry a signal up to 4K(4096 × 2160) @ 60Hz, and HDMI only goes as far as 4K (3840 × 2160) @ 30Hz. As for the 3D video, DisplayPort is able to provide full support and HDMI doesn’t give a live 3D effect. The reason, why DisplayPort 1.2a is able to carry 4K@60Hz and HDMI only @30Hz for 3D effect is because of the difference in clock speed.

Final Verdict

HDMI and VGA are two of the most common methods for connecting devices. The choice between VGA and HDMI depends largely on what device you want to connect and which interface has been provided for that device. Whichever interface is more suitable, choose the one which makes your work easy and saves time. The choice between VGA and HDMI is completely subjective.

Last Word:

There are many other interfaces available for the systems like DVI, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt which are quite popular in the market. Despite all these interfaces, VGA and HDMI will continue to be used due to their widespread popularity.

But the main thing is that VGA and HDMI both are in competition with each other and in many cases, their differences will affect your choice. Hope you have got a better clarity between VGA and HDMI. If you have any queries related to this article or the other article, What Is The Difference Between DVI-I And DVI-D? Feel free to comment in the section below. Have a nice day!

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