While getting any monitor, you will get a choice between, IPS panel vs TN vs VA. The choice will be yours, but I am here to help you to get to know more about these three panels and after reading this post you will be able to decide which one is best for you. If you are a gamer, and you need a panel for a gaming monitor, then you are also on the right post.

Let me tell you one thing, there is no rocket science in it. Every panel is best in its own way, the only thing you should know is your requirement and for what purpose you are getting one. IPS vs TN vs VA is not a debate, it is just a technology that works in its own way. I’ll explain it one by one in detail, you just have to read it thoroughly to get more information regarding these three panels.

Types of Panels

All the panels which are listed above have their own pros and cons. The simplest way to get one is to decide which attribute is important to you. Plus how much you wanna spend on it, as you probably know that these panels do not fall under the same price tag. Let’s dive into its detail.

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Twisted Nematic (TN panel)

Twisted panels are the oldest ones, You might know that TN was the first manufactured in numerous flat screen monitors. Basically, in the past it helped in making the thick cathode ray tubes, still today they are producing it.

As new panels do batter, as they evolve with time but in the case of TN, it has still some drawbacks, that are easily noticeable such as its viewing angles that are limited especially on the vertical axis.

While its color reproduction is also not as strong as it should be, Moreover I have noticed that most of the TN panels are unable to show 24-bit true color.

One more drawback which I have noticed in TN is its Color gamut because only high-end TNs considered wide-gamut. These are the things that make TN fall flat for photo editing and as well for other applications where color accuracy is important.

Now, here you can raise a question, Then why anyone should go for TN? First, it works fine for newbies, and it is cheap as anyone can afford it. One more critical thing, if the viewing angle is essential for you rather than color reproduction, then go for TN. It works fine for especially Office work and for students.

You will also get very low input lag that’s up to 1 millisecond. Plus, it does handle the high refresh rate (240Hz) easily. So, it means that it is one of the best panel types for gaming.

In-Plane Switching(IPS panel)

Initially, IPS was introduced just to improve the limitations of TN, such as limited viewing angles along with bad color reproduction. As an outcome, IPS panels are much better than the TN in both ways.

I must say IPS has the most superior viewing angle as compared to TN. So you can notice that you get perfect color reproduction even when you can view it from extreme angles. Plus, the IPS panel is also famous for its great black reproduction that eliminates the washout look. It does mean that IPS is perfect, it also lacks in some areas like its contrast ratio, but you will get a nice contrast ratio in VAs.

As I already discuss the high refresh rates in TN, but some IPS also have high refresh rates of 240hz. For instant, a gaming monitor ASUS VG279QM(check on Amazon) has IPS panel and comes with a 280Hz refresh rate.

In recent years TNs present low input lag in comparison to other panels but back in 2019 LG announced the new Nano IPS UltraGear monitors with the 1ms of response time which makes IPS one of the panels out there. It doesn’t mean all the IPS panels provide this fast response time and The only issue with IPS is that you have to pay more for IPS because it is a bit expensive.

Vertical Alignment(VA panel)

VA usually comes in between the TN and IPS, while considering their features. Let’s talk about the best contrast ratio of VA, which even most TV manufacturers use it.

Moreover, the viewing of Va is also quite good, but not as IPS, mainly screen brightness because IPS Glow is on another level. And Va has the slowest response time which is better than TN and new nano IPS panels. Along with it, VA also offers a high refresh rate of 20Hz, but there is a point that turns me off is its latency because it results in ghosting and blurry images. Due to this issue, you cannot say VA is the best panel for gaming.

TN vs VA panel Color reproduction: In terms of color reproduction, VA is far better than TN. And even VA hits full sRGB spectrum.

Due to these reasons, VA panels hold the best grip in the market. They are mainly used for general purposes. It is also good for those who play single-player games.

IPS panel vs TN vs VA: Common Drawbacks

IPS vs TN vs VA
We have seen latency issues in almost all the panels if it is compared to CRT monitors. When TN panels first appeared, both IPS and VA dominate it for years. But as the technology was evolving this issue was almost resolved, still not completely terminated.

The other issue which is also common in all panels is backlighting, usually, you will see it in cheap monitors, as the manufacturer wants to save some cents and as result, you get the bad build quality. So if you are going for any cheap monitor then you have to keep in mind that you will definitely face this problem.

In LCD panels, sometimes you will face dead pixels and the reason for that is different manufacturers have their own policies while on the other side consumer want to face no dead pixels. So for your own good, do read the terms and policies of the manufacturer before buying it.

Which Panel Type Is Right for You?

Up to this part of the article, if you have read the above paragraphs then you might get a slight idea of which panel is for what purpose, but still, I am going to tell you my recommendations.

  • Best panel for Office or study use:I must say that the budget should be your main concern as VA is best for it, but it is a little expensive. VA offers you great viewing angles along with refresh rate and ultra-low latency. But again you don’t need a high refresh rate and low latency so if you want to save some cents you should for TN, it can be budget-friendly plus it also works fine for office use or for student use.
  • Best panel for photo and video editors/Digital artists: When it comes to photo or video editing, Then the IPS panel is best for it as it has the nicest color reproduction. Plus, it displays a wide gamut, One more thing if you are really serious about the colors then you should calibrate your monitor properly.
  • Best Panel Type For Gaming

  • Best panel type for gaming (pro-competitive gamers):Here I must give the full credit to TN panels as almost every pro gamer uses TN and TN is designed especially for gaming monitors. You will get a high refresh rate and fast response time in even cheap monitors of TN. But if you want to have perfect results with a top-notch refresh rate, then go for IPS, but it will be expensive for sure.
  • Programmers who mount monitors vertically:I would recommend you to invest in IPS if you are a programmer, and you also mount the monitors in portrait mode as almost all the programmers do. Here, IPS provides the best and sharp viewing angles. Some people think that TN will work fine in this case but actually, that’s not true here in portrait mode you will get the worst viewing angles by TN.
  • Best all-rounder:VA is the finest for general use, and it does cover all the areas you also can say, IPS also covers all the areas except contrast ratio. So, if you can compromise on contrast ratio, then IPS is also best in this case.

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