In the gaming industry, You probably have noticed that people do compare refresh rates a lot. Like here, 240HZ vs 360Hz is absolutely debatable, but the majority have the same question, Is 360Hz Better Than 240Hz? This is true, but again you will have to face the circumstances like expensive prices along with other components’ availability, no worries I will discuss it in detail. You just have to read the whole post for your own good.
Is 360Hz Better Than 240Hz (240hz vs 360hz)
I’ll put it this way, the higher refresh rates are the key features that competitive gamers must have. You are probably thinking about which one is good for you between 240Hz and 360Hz. Let’s straight dive into it.

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240hz vs 360hz

Let’s say if you are having a system with 360Hz, it means it refreshes the screen 360 times per sec and the same goes for 240Hz, as it will refresh the screen 240 times per second.

For a layman, it doesn’t make any difference whether it is 360hz or 240hz, as he will not be able it distinguishes the difference between them, But if I take a competitive gamer then it is a win and loss situation for them. It is because, for a competitive gamer, the milliseconds make a lot of difference. As they put Price money, sponsors, and ranking on stake.

For casual gamers, 144Hz to 240Hz refresh rate is enough, as it is also budget-friendly and works perfectly fine for them.

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240hz vs 360hz Monitor Requirements

As you probably know that your monitor has to be compatible with the pc or console in terms of requirements. At 360Hz, do make sure your rig is up to the task. So that you get full fledge advantage of it.

It’s basically a pc thing to support 240Hz or 360Hz, here you will get to know why is that?

For 240Hz, all you need is to have a 1080 GeForce card or RTX 2080, according to voltfixer. And for 360Hz, minimum you need is RTX 3070.

RTX 3080/ Intel i9-12900K is the perfect combo for games like Rainbow Six Seige, CS:GO, Overwatch and Valorant at 1440p and 360Hz.

The only issue with 360hz is that it has a lot of power especially when it is at 1440p, You may also require a powerful graphics card which will be much more expensive.

Is 360Hz Better Than 240Hz: (240hz vs 360hz)

240hz vs 360hz
Is 360Hz Better Than 240H? Yes, If you are a professional competitive gamer, and you can afford it, this statement is not correct for those casual gamers. Personally, I feel 240Hz is enough for you. 240Hz is the best choice for many reasons such as they are cheaper than compared to 360hz along with that they are more common, and you will get the best reviews on the internet easily. You can also say that the 240Hz refresh rate is the most common refresh rate among gamers. So, while getting one, do your own research before taking any decision.

Now it is expected that this year more people(gamers) will update to 360Hz because the trend of competitive gaming is increasing day by day.

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In the end, I just wanted to let you know that it’s your decision to make, 240Hz vs 360hz. It all depends on your priorities and requirement.

Both the refresh rates are best for their own customers, as the 240Hz is recommended for casual gamers and 360Hz is for pro-competitive gamers. Plus, you will not ignore the cost, as it has a huge difference in it. Let’s say 360Hz comes in the elite price range.

I have conveyed all the important information regarding this refresh rate and I hope you got the idea of which one is best for you, If you still have any queries do let me know in the comment section.

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