HDMI VS Display port, Is a DisplayPort better than HDMI? It solely depends on your need as both have different incompatibilities.

Let’s put it this way, Every port has its own capabilities along with its incompatibilities, so you have to what you are dealing with. If you are connecting the monitor with your gaming system, there you probably notice two ports that look exactly the same, but they are not. One will be a display port and the other will be HDMI, so you have to choose one. Now maybe the question rises in your mind, what’s the difference between them? Does it really matter?
Display vs Hdmi port
Again, the answer you will get depends on your need. Let’s say you want it for gaming, video editing, or just for casual use. Most monitors have both ports that determine the resolution, refresh rate, and other core features.

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Is A DisplayPort Better Than HDMI?

Is A DisplayPort Better Than HDMI?

HDMI: For PC and TV

TVs and PCs usually have HDMI, as the main purpose of this port is to send high-quality videos and audio through a single cable easily. You probably know, that HDMI has multiple versions, and they are day by day, I’ll go through these versions.

HDMI 1.4: It can support up to 4k at 24hz and also 4k at 30hz and 1080p at 120hz.

HDMI 2.0: It supports 4k at 60hz and yeah! The latest ones HDMI 2.0a and 2.0b support HDR.

HDMI 2.1: Now here they leveled up the game, as they support up to 10k at 120hz not only this they also improved the HDR along with metadata and eARC, which helps you to send Dolby Atmos and DTX audio from a display to the receiver.

This was the simplest explanation of HDMI ports, but they do have more features, Actually, for users, this was important which I have discussed. Let’s say if you want to take full advantage of HDMI then make sure to use it with the correct bandwidth.

Let’s suppose you are using 4k at 60hz along with HDR, for that you must need a premium high-speed cable for sure. These little things make too much difference. On the other side, lower-spec cables also work fine under some circumstances, but you will not get the best result.

In my opinion, all the HDMI ports should support ADM’s FreeSync technology, so that can easily eliminates screen tearing issues.

DisplayPort: For PC

The display port is almost the same as HDMI, but it is more common in PCs, it also allows for sending high definition videos and audio to send and receive. Mostly you will find these below display ports in new modern PCs.

Display Port 1.2: It can support 4k at 60hz, some of them support ADM’s FreeSync.

Display Port 1.3: It can support 8k at 60hz with HDR.

Display Port 1.4: Supports 8k at 60hz along with HDR.

Display Port 2.0: Nowhere it goes up to 16k along with HDR at 60Hz. Plus 10k but without HDR at 80hz.

When buying any display port, I would recommend Displayport’s certified list, as it works exactly as advertised.

If we consider its features that are also useful, It supports AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync, so basically you will experience the tear-free gaming, personally, that is way too impressive.

One good part is that you can connect multiple monitors with a single display port, instead of multiple ports. On the other hand, a laptop can also send signals through a display port, the only thing you need USB-C port.

Which Cable Should You Choose?

You cannot say that one cable is better than the other, let’s say if you have a choice between HDMI 2.0 and Display port 1.4 then obviously display port is the better option here. But if the case is that when you have the choice between DisplayPort 1.2 and Hdmi 2.0 then HDMI will be a good option with the HDR support, it will be possible if the monitor support HDMI.
Display port vs hdmi
The port you choose depends on the capabilities of the monitor and video card, let’s suppose you want to use the features of HDMI 2.1 then make sure the monitor has HDMI 2.1 port and the video also does have 2.1 HDMI, if the monitor has 2.0 then sorry to say you cannot avail its features.

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Last Words

The summary is that HDMI is best in its own same for Display port, but only considerable thing is that you should make sure sender and receiver port should be same.

Hope you got the idea, know if you still have any queries then do let me know by commenting down below.

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