While using monitors, you may face many issues. If you are also facing the same problem, My 144Hz Monitor Is Only Showing 60Hz? Then you are on the right article, I’ll fix this issue for you, and ill explain why you are struggling with it. You just have to follow this guide.

You may face this issue while gaming, and you already have spent a decent amount of money on your monitor, Plus I assume you have done everything to fix it but didn’t get the result. So, let’s dive into it, first I will help you to identify the issue, then I’ll provide the solution.

And do keep in mind that it does not matter whether you’re using a gaming computer on Windows or having a console. I’ll cover all of them.
why is my 144hz monitor only showing 60hz

Your Monitor Is Set at 60Hz by Default

Your monitor only showing 60hz because it may be set at 60Hz by default. These are some simple steps to fix it.

  • First Go to the Settings
  • Select the System
  • Now, Select Display
  • Open Advance Display Setting
  • Select the Display Adapter Properties option
  • Click the Monitor, and select the desired monitor refresh rate from the Drop-Down.

Now, there is the possibility that now your 144hz monitor will show a 144hz result, but if you have connected your HDMI correctly. Otherwise, the issue will not be solved here.

Wrong HDMI or Display Port

Let’s say If you don’t have very much knowledge about technology, then let me tell you something. HDMI cables are very essential for the monitor because if you have connected the wrong HDMI cable then as result your monitor will be restricted to show you the result of 144hz refresh rate instead you will see 60Hz.

Basically, the standard HDMI cables usually do not support the 144Hz, this can be the reason the 144hz monitor only showing 60hz. Now, What you have to do is just buy the cable that supports 144hz that can be HDMI 2.0 at the minimum.

As I have noticed in many cases, If you buy a new monitor, you will also get a cable in the packaging.

Why Is My 144hz Monitor Only Showing 60hz: Outdated Graphics Drivers

One more reason, Why is your monitor only showing 60hz because of the outdated GPU driver, this case can only occur if you haven’t used your monitor for a long period of time or didn’t update anything for quite some time.

It is very essential to update your graphics driver with the relevant software for GPU. For an instant, if you are having an AMD CPU, then you must have the AMD software.

Does Monitor Actually Supports 144 Hz

No matter, If your monitor is expensive or not, just search for your monitor on Google and check the specifications. We also have another option.

Follow these steps for Windows 10:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Systems
  3. Now, go to Display
  4. Then Advance Display Setting
  5. Click on Display Adapter Properties
  6. Go to Monitor Tab and select your monitor refresh rate from the drop-down.

Now you will get the full refresh rate.

Check That Your Console Supports 144Hz

144hz monitor only showing 60hz, another common problem can be that your monitor is 144Hz, but your console does not support it. Like, PS4 only supports 60Hz, not more than that, and not only PS4 other Xbox series also do not support more than 60Hz. The only consoles that have a refresh rate higher(120Hz) are PS5 and Xbox Series X.

So, it can be an issue in your case that your console doesn’t support your 144hz refresh rate.

Plugging the Cables in the Wrong Ports

Last, but not least, some people make the obvious mistake by plugging the relevant cables into different ports, and trust me this is the most common silly mistake. Why I am so sure, is because I also have done the same mistake in the past. Basically, I plugged the HDMI 2.0 into HDMI 2.0 port in the PC case. So just make sure you have not done the same mistake.

So, if you don’t want your 144hz monitor to show 60Hz, all you do is check your HDMI 2.0 that it is really plugged into the GPU port. Plus, the other end should be connected to your monitor’s HDMI 2.0 port.

Last Words

Hopefully, I have fixed your issue, and now you are able to play games on 144Hz refresh, but it’s not the end if you are still facing this then do let me know in the comment section. Plus, if you don’t have a monitor, and you are planning to buy one, then I recommend you to go for Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors.

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