For a long period of time, we are comparing both TV and Computer Monitors, but I will put an end to it through my research base information, and hopefully, it will never be a question for you again. As I will give you all the detailed information regarding Smart TV VS Computer Monitor.

Smart TV vs Computer Monitor What’s the Difference

You probably notice that in recent times, the prices of TVs are high because they are offering advanced features, but still, you know you are missing something in these smart TVs. Now you wonder what that is? I would say that would be the Finest Viewing Experience that you will get on Computer Monitors for sure as compared to smart TVs.

The main difference between Smart TV and Computer Monitors that you must know is that mostly Monitors come with higher resolution and refresh rates, While the Smart TV has the high brightness along with built-in streaming options. Technically, we can see both have their own strength and weakness.

Have you noticed that both Monitors and TVs use almost the same LED technology, but one can be of better quality than other. Here is the point which I am trying to explain is, they probably look the same, but you have to know that there is more to it. Which can affect the task for which you buy it. So the main key difference is listed below to read it thoroughly.

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Key Differences Between Computer Monitors and TV Screens

If you get one without knowing the key differences between these two, then you might face the mess as if you bought one for what the other is designed for.

Key Differences Between Computer Monitors and TV Screens

This will not be an issue for a layman person, but if you are a professional, that will mean a lot to you. So let’s dive into the list.

  • Refresh Rate: Mostly Monitors come up with higher resolutions as it is the prime feature for whom every single frame matters, especially for competitive gamers and those who are professional video editors. On the other side, you cannot expect a high refresh rate from Smart TVs.
  • True Colors: In Smart TVs the color you see are not real, as they enhanced it for the movies and shows so that they look attractive, It will cause you serious problems while doing video editing because here you play will real colors. Now, in this case, monitors have up their game by showing the true color without any extra enhancement.
  • Sound: Sound will always be a strong side for Smart TVs as they come up with built-in speakers and unfortunately, computer monitors do not come with this feature, as you have to buy it on your own.
  • Inputs: As both have the same ports as HDMI and Display port. But there is a lot of difference in the quantity, as the TV comes with many IO ports because they don’t limit you with one or two video equipment. Well with a Computer monitor you will not get many ports as mostly we buy a CPU with it, and they allow more IO ports in the CPU mainly because they are already interconnected.
  • Size: Last, but not the least Size, Actually sizes is also the main factor as Smart TVs mostly come with a huge screen and on the other hand, most of the monitors come in small standard sizes although some of them are ultra-widescreen in terms of aspect ratio. Let’s say you have a 24-inch 4k monitor and your friend has 40 inches 4k smart TV, believe me, they both will have almost the same results, as the amount of pixels on both devices are the same. Whoever, There can be a little difference in refresh rate and response time depending on the type of devices you and your friend have. Whereas, overall, there isn’t much difference in the image quality.

Common Problems With TVs and Monitors

As I have mentioned above that they both have differences on some points, but they do have some similar problems also, such as screen tearing which is caused when the device and refresh are not synced with each other. You will face this issue on both, Smart TVs and Computer monitors.

The next one is motion blur, where you face the shaky images or frames on your screen. Last but not the least, image ghosting is a sort of screen tearing, so manufacturers try to a feature that can reduce these kinds of issues.

While the TV manufacturers mostly do not focus on these issues as they just are concerned with the user viewing experience. So that is why I always recommend monitors with computers so that you cannot face these kinds of issues.

The Purpose of a TV vs a Computer Monitor

The Purpose of a TV vs a Computer Monitor

Both devices look similar, but they are used for different purposes. You may use the TV with a computer and monitor for other tasks, but by doing that you will not get the max out of them. So you should use them for the purpose they are designed for.

The main purpose of TV is to play TV shows, Movies, cable TV, DVDs, and Blu-ray players. Basically, TVs are built to consume media that does not need any refresh rate, But let’s say we are using a monitor then we need a higher refresh rate, especially for competitive gaming and any kind of video editing, However, these things work goof if you have the higher refresh rate which monitors do have.

Now, the modern smart TVs are using the best technology, to enhance their features, as they are providing a lot of built-in features in TVs like Built-in OS, streaming apps, and other software programs, So I am not wrong if I say that Smart TVs have a lot more features than the computer monitors.

These monitors are also improving day by day as you can see in the past decade, but the main question arises, Why they are not offering many features?The simple answer is that these monitors are used with the whole computer system and all those features that you are expecting from monitors, and CPUs are providing it for them.

While connecting the CPU with the monitor, you will get all the features easily.

When To Use a TV vs. a Computer Monitor

The obvious statement for this is always using the monitor with the computer and Smart TV in the living room. But in some scenarios, you notice the opposite of it, but again it would be in very rare cases as it depends on your situation.

When To Use A TV

You can use the TV when you are sitting far away. Like on a couch, plus when you want to watch movies and TV shows with your family or friends. These kinds of scenarios work fine with Smart TV.

You can also attach the TV to the computer for better viewing angles, additionally, you can also connect the TV with the laptop, while connecting it you must have the HDMI cable or display cable and other essential cables.

When To Use A Monitor

If you want to sit near the screen, you should probably go for the Computer monitor, as if you are a gamer or professional video editor, or any other user that works on a screen while sitting close to it.

In the end, I would definitely recommend you, Computer monitor, if you want some fine results along with a fast response rate and higher refresh rate.

Why Monitors Are Better Than TVs for Gaming

Why Monitors Are Better Than TVs for Gaming
If you want to take an edge while playing fast-paced games, then I will absolutely recommend a high-quality monitor. One more thing if you have a gaming console then again you can connect the computer monitor with it as well for better results, but usually they are connected with TVs.

Now whenever you see, Smart TVs vs Computer Monitors in gaming, then I hope you will know the answer that monitors are always best for gaming.

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Smart TV vs Computer Monitor: Summary

Computer monitors and smart TVs both have their own pros and cons, the only thing you should keep in mind is that used them for what they are built for, then you will not face any issues regarding the screen.

All the other main differences and similarities, I have discussed in the above paragraphs, just make sure to read all the content properly. Thank You for your time.

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