The most common question is, what is Response time? Basically, it is the same as its name. The time a system takes to process your task and deliver it back to the User is known as response time. Every system has its own response time, but some take more time while some take less. The recommended one is less than the most recommended response time is 1ms, but you can’t get it easily. You should go for the best monitors if you want a 1ms Response time.

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What Is Response Time for Monitors?

A key factor for many computing technologies is their response time. Computing technologies such as database queries, web browsing, disk I/O, and memory handling. Measuring monitor’s response time, how fast pixels convert from one to another. Like from white to black or any shade of gray. In addition to this, the Best Gaming monitors required a fast response time.

The average response time for black to white to black is 10ms. Usually, LCD’s have a 10ms response time or less than that, but the thing is that quick response time results in you better image quality and motion images. Basically, LCD has 3 panels and every panel has its own response time, but the more recommended one is IPS with respect to response time.
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Why Response Time Is Important?

If you use your system for just simple browsing, online shopping, and reading, then response time is not that important for you. You still don’t need a very fast response time if you watch online movies only. But list supposes you are a Videographers/editor or a gamer then in that scenario, response time does matter a lot, and you must need a quick response time on your system for that.

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Response time such as 1 to 5 milliseconds makes a huge impact on your gaming or video editing, and you will not face any ghosting.

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